A21 Campaign

Currently our main support is The A21 Campaign. The A21 Campaign is comprised of individuals, organisations, government officials and people like you and me that are committed to abolishing injustice in the 21st Century. Their goal is to raise awareness, take legal action and offer rehabilitation services to rescued victims of human trafficking in order to fight this injustice from a comprehensive approach.

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A21's initial response to the injustice of human trafficking was in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece, a country that the UN says is one of the highest ranking destinations for human trafficking. Now they want to branch into other European countries where the need is great and need financial support. Every purchase from Heaven's Attic makes a difference as 12% of our total online sales go straight to The A21 Campaign.

In preparation for this project, they conducted extensive research on human trafficking by visiting the onsite locations of shelters, rehabilitation centres, legal advocacy offices, issue awareness agencies, as well as high-density brothel areas. They have met with key members of different anti-trafficking organisations located in Cambodia, Greece, Holland, The UK, and The U.S. to discuss best practices and the most effective models for rescuing and restoring victims. Through this, they have developed a model that will not only rescue and restore victims - but also fight this battle from a legal perspective and pull this injustice out by its roots.

If this issue has touched your heart, we encourage you to read further about the A21 campaign and view some alarming statistics on human trafficking.

Other charities

We support a few key charities through our partnership programme and various other organisations throughout the year.